About Us

 Voice of Women Ambassador (VOWA) Canada

Voice of Women Ambassador (VOWA) it’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and empowering women – VOWA is a registered non-profit charity organization based in Canada and Nigeria dedicated to the safety, training and empowerment of women. Our programs provide literacy programs and classes for women, by utilizing seminar and we also provide education and training on holistic approaches to womanhood. Every day, girls face barriers to education caused by poverty, cultural norms, and practices, poor infrastructure, violence, and fragility. Girls’ education is a strategic development priority by employing the right skills, knowledge, and resources, which can enable girls to create sustainable change for themselves, their family, and community. We believe that in order to make lasting change, women need the skills and resources to build self-confidence, understand their rights, earn an income, and gain the respect of their family and community. According to UNESCO estimates, 130 million girls between the age of 6 and 17 are out of school and 15 million girls of primary-school age—half of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Poverty remains the most important factor for determining whether a girl can access education. Studies consistently reinforce that girls who face multiple disadvantages — such as low family income, living in remote or underserved locations, disability or belonging to a minority ethno linguistic group.

The VOWA has designed a plan to advance the multi-faceted approaches to overcome these challenges. Through a program designed at working together with women and girls through education, seminars, lectures, and conferences. The VOWA tool also aims to raise awareness of and improve knowledge about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among girls and women. We provide information and educational resource centers and offers easily accessible and culturally appropriate information. Female genital mutilation (FGM) has become a growing trend. According to World Health Organization estimate over 200 million girls and women alive, today that cut across 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia were either forced to have Genital Mutilation due to Cultural and social Beliefs. FGM is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injuries to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.  Our major goal is to help fight this trend through engaging families, women, and girls of the effect of carrying out this practice which can lead to psychological and health problems and in some cases can result to death. VOWA act towards the provision of prevention and protection measures and services.


Our Mission:

The Voice of Women Ambassador (VOWA) is dedicated to providing education and training to assist women in promoting women’s leadership and excellence.  It is not enough for women to earn an income or learn about health and wellbeing: we must invest in every impoverished woman’s journey to find her voice and gain self-confidence. But in order for a woman to empower herself, we need to do more.

Women and girls are among the most vulnerable, they are faced with a significantly increased risk for unwanted pregnancy, gender-based violence, STIs and maternal mortality, genital Female mutilation. We also create a platform to provide assistance to women in drafting resumes, searching for employment and preparing them for job interviews. Because we work with the absolutely most marginalized women – women who experience extreme gender discrimination, poverty and have suffered from conflict and violence – an important part of our program is overcoming stigma and discrimination, as well as working on health and well-being.

We shape the future of women by providing opportunities for development, facilitating their success through and career growth believe in the personhood of women, and our mission to ensure a better atmosphere for women is an inalienable, indivisible an integral part of universal human rights. We believe in creating and sustaining spaces where women can thrive and achieve their full potential, and where their voices can be amplified through collective action.


Our Vision:

Guided by the belief that women can make a difference’.  Voice of Women Ambassador (VOWA) recognizes the issue women face in their day to day activities and helping to resolve it is the foundation for our work. Translating discussion and theory to concrete action and passionate activism ultimately became the primary focus of our organization in the forms of various initiatives. Which is destined at equipping women to scale through? Today women are faced with domestic, spousal and sexual abuse which is simply a pattern on an incident of controlling, threatening, degrading and violent behavior.

The report has it that two million women suffer sometimes it can include sexual violence carried out either by a partner or ex-partner and family members. Around 200 women a week attempt suicide to free themselves from this abuse. Statistics has it that over two hundred thousand children are caught up in a household where serious domestic and spousal abuse occurs. Sometimes the abuse is psychological, physical, sexual emotional and finance. Who has been abused through? We know at VOWA that must women and girls that goes through this horrific situation might be as a result of cultural barriers, unemployment, too afraid to speak to anyone or too weak to speak out. That’s why we have created a platform with professionals in various groups to handle abused women, we also speak with various families to educate them on ways to prevent domestic violence, we understand that must of the women are not ready to speak first not until they are asked if they are suffering from domestic violence, that’s why we have derived courses, seminars, conferences and well-structured plans that are tailored to help assist victims through disseminating vital information.

At VOWA we also provide counseling and therapy for women with spousal and sexual abuse. We hope that through this program, not only will there be an increased awareness of women’s potential but also that girls will be able to recognize their own.


Our Objectives:

Given sufficient global commitment, the ambitious goal of eradicating Women unemployment, girls and women high illiteracy rate caused by cultural and social barriers. Without an immediate, coordinated worldwide effort to eradicate these social problems, this window of opportunity could close indefinitely and the progress already achieved will remain at risk- VOWA is focused on achieving these goals.

Through our program which provides education and training on holistic approaches to womanhood. Why do we consider women education and employment necessary? Improving girls’ educational levels has been demonstrated to have clear impacts on the health and economic future of young women, which in turn improves the prospects of their entire community, In the poorest countries of the world, 50% of girls do not attend secondary school, this trend has led to early marriage, forced labor, rape, domestic violence etc. Improving female education, and thus the earning potential of women improves the standard of living for their own children, as women invest more of their income in their families than men. We know the importance of Female education in our society as it has been shown, to increase women’s communication with their partners and their employers, and to improve rates of civic participation such as voting or the holding of office.

Our organization is dedicated to redefining the true egalitarian ideals of women as a collective human right essential to the survival of women economic and financial freedom in our society.


Our Values:

At VOWA we work to provide and secure housing for women who have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused traumatized and for their children

At VOWA we believe in a society where all people are free to participate fully in civic, economic, and cultural life.

We establish, maintain and set up an employment training Centre for Women that cut across multiple lines, including race, class, sexual orientation, and citizenship.

We provide counseling to women experiencing long term unemployment; we have professionals that help assist women in drafting resumes for those searching for a job and those preparing for jobs interviews.

We believe in responding quickly and flexibly to the most critical threats to open society.

We also organize doctrines, observances and culture that are adapted to our society on rights of women, the importance of education, integration which are open to people of other faiths.

A section whereby religious leaders and stakeholders from various denomination and nationality are invited to speak with people based on issues that affect women and girls in the community

We help promote and support missions and missionaries that cut across all denominations and faith. Which are only based on the values and beliefs of the nation’s constitution?